Social Science Internships

Our Social Science Internships prepare new professionals to be high quality bachelor level mental health professionals by immersing them into the direct care environment, with close supervision, as they provide the same services they will provide in their professional careers in the United States.


SWAP International works with local orphanages and schools to find children and adolescents who are at risk due to parental abandonment, child abuse, child sex trafficking or other traumatic events. Children who lack family support are also accepted into the program with parent approval. 


Interns will learn how to be effective case managers, life skills trainers and care providers as they work directly with at risk children and adolescents. You will be trained on the essential functions of a bachelor level mental health professional so when we place you with a provider, you will already have the required training and experienced to be effective.

Interns will work directly with children and adolescents who have experienced parental abandonment, child abuse and who have been victims of child sex trafficking. Interns will become intimately aware of how poverty leads to parental abandonment, child abuse and human trafficking and will formulate interventions that will help families lift themselves out of poverty. As relationships of trust are developed, interns will hear the stories of these children. Interns should be mentally and emotionally prepared for these types of disclosures.


In addition to the intensive hands-on experience, all interns will participate in Idaho approved continuing education training that will prepare them for their first professional employment opportunity, including:

  • Mental health ethics (3 hours)

  • Confidentiality (2 hours)

  • Performing basic assessments (2 hours)

  • Writing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment (2 hours)

  • Writing a treatment plan (2 hours)

  • Documentation requirements (2 hours)

  • Responding to crisis (1 hour)

  • Fundamentals of teaching life skills to children and adolescents (6 hours)

  • Fundamentals of case management (2 hours)


These trainings are typically required for new employees during their first year of employment. We are so confident that our internship experience will prepare you to become a high-quality professional, that SWAP International will ensures each intern is placed in area mental health clinic upon successful completion on their internship.

We will provide interns with a safe and challenging experience as much as possible, but travel in a third world country is inherently dangerous. We are confident that we can keep the interns safe if they follow our guidelines but we cannot control the consequences of individuals who don’t choose to follow our rules. Therefore, interns who willfully disregard our guidelines or who put others in harms way will be sent home. We are looking for interns who want to learn, who are ready for a challenge and who want to have a really cool experience. If that’s you, you’re a great fit for our internships.


If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact our director at 208-534-8303, he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.