Entrepreneurial Business Internships

Our Entrepreneurial Business Internships are carefully designed to teach students the essential and universal principals of entrepreneurialism. Interns will learn 25 basic entrepreneurial skills and will then teach these skills to program participants. They will then use these principals to assist program participants to develop a small business that is financially sustainable.


How the program works: SWAP invites community members to participate in our free entrepreneurial education program. We specifically look for young adults and parents with children. These program participants are taught, by student interns, the 25 entrepreneurial skills. As participants are being taught, the interns will assist the participant to formulate a business idea into a functional business plan.  The team of interns will identify a business plan that they want to develop into a business and will assist the program participant to accomplish this goal. SWAP will provide startup funding for these projects.


The goal of this exercise is to help the participant to develop a business that will allow them to provide for their family. While accomplishing this goal, the intern will gain knowledge and experience they can use in their own lives to start and grow their own business.


Working with the poor in a third world country brings several challenges that students who haven’t traveled to a third world country may not be aware of. Conditions are often very primitive. Luxuries like internet, cell phones, assess to goods and services and much more, are often unavailable and will complicate the business development. Cultural and educational differences will need to be addressed. Interns will learn to overcome these obstacles and become successful in spite of these challenges.


Interns will experience the effects of poverty on really good people. They will develop close relationships with the people they serve and will be personally invested in their success. Students must learn to emotionally cope with failures and push through to find success. This process is often emotionally difficult for students who struggle with their own emotional challenges. We encourage you to contact our director, Matt Smith at 208-534-8303 to learn more about the physical and emotional challenges you may experience while in your internship. If you want to see the power of capitalism to lift the poor out of poverty, this opportunity is a great opportunity.  


We will provide interns with a safe and challenging experience as much as possible, but travel in a third world country is inherently dangerous. We are confident that we can keep the interns safe if they follow our guidelines but we cannot control the consequences of individuals who don’t choose to follow our rules. Therefore, interns who willfully disregard our guidelines or who put others in harms way will be sent home. We are looking for interns who want to learn, who are ready for a challenge and who want to have a really cool experience. If that’s you, you’re a great fit for our internships.


Again, please feel free to ask any questions you may have by contacting our director at 208-534-8303.